Death Row Inmate datacards mapped by County of Prosecution

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County of Prosecution
County of Prosecution
Albert CunninghamRobbed and killed a man outside a bar in 1985.
Albert G BrownAbducted a 15 year old girl on her way to school in 1980, then raped and killed her.
Anthony J. SullyA former police officer who killed five women and one man in 1983.
Douglas MickeyMurdered two people in Placer County in 1980.
Fernando BelmontesBroke into a woman’s home in 1981 and killed her with a barbell.
Harvey HeishmanMurdered an Oakland woman in 1979 after learning she was going to testify that he’d raped her.
Hector AyalaMurdered three men during a 1985 auto-shop robbery.
Kevin CooperMurdered a San Bernardino couple and two children after escaping from prison in 1983.
Michael MoralesRaped and and murdered a 17-year-old girl in San Joaquin County in 1981.
Mitchell SimsMurdered a pizza deliveryman in 1985.
Richard BoyerKilled a husband and wife in 1982 while robbing their home.
Richard SamayoaBroke into a San Diego home in 1985 and beat a young mother and her toddler to death with a wrench.
Robert Green FairbankStabbed a woman to death in 1985 after sexually assaulting her.
Ronald DeereKilled a man and two children in 1982 who were related to a woman who had broken up with him.
Royal HayesKilled two people during a 1981 drug sale in Santa Cruz.
Scott PinholsterStabbed two men to death during a 1982 drug robbery.
Tiequon CoxKilled four people in a 1984 murder-for-hire plot that targeted the wrong address.
William PaytonRaped and killed a woman in 1980, and attempted to murder another woman and her son.

Death Row Inmate datacards

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